Our people are our brand:
positive, innovative, relentless
and passionate

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At SureHire we celebrate our employees and the significant contributions they make to our business, our culture and our communities. We are young, dynamic and a family – hear what our employees have to say.

See what our employees have to say.

We are looking for applicants that are intelligent, passionate, positive, and fun. All employees receive excellent perks and benefits including:

  • SureHire Group Benefits
  • Flex Days
  • Professional Development Days
  • Gym Memberships
  • Team Building Events

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Unique Culture

SureHire celebrates the fact that our people are our business and shape our unique culture. We are young, dynamic and a family. Our commitment to our core purpose, exceptional customer service and to each other is contagious.

Unique People

The SureHire difference starts with our people. Intelligent? Positive? A Leader? Of course! But that’s only part of the story.

We look for smart and self motivated individuals – with an emphasis on teamwork, trust and attention to detail. We thrive on working together and are as energetic as we are pragmatic, down-to-earth and fun.

Unique Company

SureHire prides itself on our unyeilding integrity, reliability and accurate results. We offer the full spectrum of occupational testing services across Canada… for now.

SureHire uses our National Exclusive Testing Network to offer standardized testing to employers who strive for a safe, healthy and productive workforce.

Core Purpose

To provide foundations for safe, healthy and productive communities.

SureHire believes that the testing we provide resonates far beyond our facilities. Our services are vital in establishing safe, healthy and productive working environments and thereby raising the quality of life in our communities. At the end of the day, hard working men and women arrive home safe and sound to their family and friends.

Core Values

  • 1 We are Passionate
    • About each other and the work we do
    • About developing your career
    • About making workplaces safer, healthier and more productive
  • 2 We are Innovative
    • By constantly evolving the occupational testing industry
    • With the fastest and easiest to use on-line results and booking system
  • 3 We are Relentless
    • In striving for excellence in service
    • In our attention to detail
    • In our focus and commitment to results
  • 4 We are Socially Responsible
    • By having a vision to raise the standard of the global workforce
    • Partners in our community showing how to make workplaces safer and healthier
  • 5 We embrace Positivity
    • We value positive intelligence, collaboration and teamwork
    • We thrive on facing challenges and having fun while doing it